Chronic Love Series

I animated a series of four interviews for the website Healthline. Each video focusses on a couple and how they jointly manage the chronic illness of one of the partners. I was responsible for storyboarding, designing, and animating these. Thanks to Stephanie Strauss and Brendan Anderer at Healthline for handling the production! Links below, and the rest forthcoming.

Shelby and Rick: Diabetes

Ben and Stan: Heart Attacks

07 We talk a lot.png
08 Pressure Cooker.png

explainer video

I worked with wonderful producer Holly Ellis to create this promo for Biointeractive, a website which provides. . . well, you can just watch the video to find out.

NYU Law School
Intro to US Law

Served as creative director and character animator for an online course. Responsible for creating visual style, overseeing motion graphics, and creating character animation. A selection of the character animation is below; full lessons available upon request.

John Presnell

A music video directed and animated by Sofia Warren, 2017.

"Your Healthcare–What Happened?"

Created over a five-day period as a part of a larger investigative series by The Takeaway. Produced by Margot Slade.

Is that all?

No! But some work is only available upon request, because it belongs to clients. Ask me for:

  • Commercial motion graphics samples

  • Vector character animation

  • Full lessons

  • Explainer video samples