Winter, Spring, Summer 2019 (oops)

Dear reader, I have lapsed. I’ve kept you wondering wondering: how is she? And more to the point: what is she doing?

OK, OK. Calm down, stop tearing off your shirts: I will tell you.

I’ve had a bunch more cartoons published in The New Yorker—four since we last checked in. I also had my first caption contest cartoon, which was fun! You can check out all of these on the Conde Nast Store. Here’s one:

Lab Rat Corner Office finish.png

I also published four New Yorker Daily Shouts comics (see them here)


—and had work published through some new publications: Popula and Narrative Magazine.

Warren Sublet 3.png

I’ve done a lot of animating lately, which you can check out on the animation page. Thanks to the friendly people at Healthline, Biointeractive, and MWE for keeping me solvent this spring.

In April, a most surreal honor: I was part of this panel alongside cartoon legends Mort Gerberg (The New Yorker) and Garry Trudeau (Doonesbury). Still pinching myself.

I had my first tabling experience at TCAF. What a show! I left feeling very inspired. There’s truly no end to the talent in that hall. Thanks to everyone who came by, especially those who bought zines and prints!

After a long hiatus, Proust & Panda had a resurgence this spring!
. . . it was somewhat short-lived, but I was heartened by messages from fans and will make an earnest attempt to get back to my favorite bear and favorite snoot on a more regular basis.

Oh! I’m thrilled to say that I was accepted into Maison des Auteurs residency in Angoulême, France! I’ll be there starting next March. And I spent an incredible week at the Spruceton Inn Artist Residency this February, in West Kill, NY. Thank you, Casey and Stephen!

The main thing I’ve been working on is a book. I’m still feeling pretty mum about it until some things shake out, but it’s a graphic, nonfiction account having to do with politics. I spent 6 months following my subjects around, and now I’m just getting seriously into the writing phase of it. It’s a long haul, but I am very excited to share more. If you’re absolutely burning to know, you can reach out to me by email and I’ll probably tell you about it, because I’m a big yammerer.

Just to remind you (read: me) that people are more than the work they do: here’s a list of books that have thrilled me lately.

  • The Idiot, Elif Batuman

  • Outline, Rachel Cusk

  • Conversations with Friends, Sally Rooney

  • The Liars’ Club, Mary Karr

  • Idle Days, Thomas Desaulniers-Brousseau and Simon LeClerc

  • This Woman’s Work, Julie Delporte


I drew a recent New Yorker Daily Cartoon:

And I have a new piece up on Spiralbound! Click the image below for the full piece.

And I’m hard at work on a new, long project— hope to disclose the details of that one to you soon.

Xx! S

Catch-Up 22

I’ve published a few things since last post: three print cartoons, a Daily Shout, and various cartoons for Proust & Panda and my instagram.

In October, I had a lot of fun participating in WGBH’s Launchpad residency, creative consulting on a number of wonderful animated projects.

And what a thrill to talk with NCC students about making comics! It was an honor to be part of the Arts and Lecture series as the Fall 2018 speaker.

A couple larger projects around the bend; stay tuned!