Moon Boots Comics Anthology

What is this
Moon Boots is an anthology of rad comics, edited by Jason Katzenstein and Sofia Warren. It is a physical, printed object, on paper. And as of right now it’s purely theoretical, so if you could contribute your comics, that would be ~*clutch*~.

Why is this
We were always hanging out, being like, “there aren’t enough places to publish comics, wah wah, lament, sob,” and then one day Jason stroked his bearded chin and said, “What if we make a comics publication?” and Sofia thought that was a pretty good idea.

We want to make a publication where you can send your weird, wacky, wonderful comics—the ones that got turned down from the three places on the internet that consider comics, or that you never even bothered sending because you knew it didn’t fit the criteria.

We believe in paying contributors. So, yes, we will pay you for your work. But we are still figuring out our budget. Updates soon! Just know that we want you to feel comfortable and compensated and we’ll work to make sure that happens.  


  • Premises/roughs are cool. Final comics are good too!

  • This will be GREYSCALE.

  • 1-5 pages, please!

  • Any topic is cool. If you want a prompt, we’re happy to provide you with one, but also up for whatever is floating around your head.

  • Pitch deadline: February 18th!

  • Render deadline: April 10th!

  • Release date: early May!

Further Info

  • The first issue will be out in time for TCAF. Sofia will be exhibiting, and she’ll have them for sale.

  • This is a proof of concept! We’d love to see this have a future and more issues, more distribution, etc. For now, we’re reaching out to people whose work we already know and love, but in the future, we’ll certainly be up for unsolicited pitches.

  • Email/text/messenger pigeon with any questions! and